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   We are hiring! Check out our careers page. By using our website, you agree to the use of our cookies.


A digital KYC Passport

We create a verified and portable digital ‘know your customer’ identity for companies and individuals, which they can use to identify themselves to their regulated financial service providers.


building blocks

Mesh ID automates the collection, verification, enrichment and sharing of know your customer (KYC) information by aggregating global data sources, and using the latest in digital verification and privacy technologies.

The Mesh ID approach

Information already collected and verified by a previous party should form the starting point for your onboarding and due dilligence processes.

A fantastic client experience

Your clients no longer have to start off their relationship with you on the wrong foot. Offer them a seamless digital experience from start to finish.

Onboard at lightning speed

Your compliance staff spend time on non-value add collection and verification, leading to a slow and painful process. Your staff can finally focus on real investigatory compliance work.

Prioritize security

Mesh ID delivers an ultra-secure channel of communication, ensuring privacy and control of your (client’s) data. Our blockchain-based technology platform creates an audit-proof trail.


We push the boundaries of what is possible and challenge the status quo

George Pedra

Founder & CEO

George has worked for 25+ years at global banks, venture capital, boutique investment firms, and trust, corporate and fund administrators.

Gui Vohringer

Founder & COO

Gui has 15+ years experience in tech and operations leadership roles at the world's largest trust, corporate and fund services providers.

Tom Leenders

Commercial Director

Seasoned industry veteran with more than 30 years experience in the trust, corporate and funds industry.

Tim Smith

Head of Compliance Advisory

Tim has 22+ years of international experience as a Chief Risk Officer and Head of Compliance for Royal Bank of Scotland and Baker & Partners

Liam Dennehy


Strong security and cryptography professional CASP (CompTIA), ISC2 SSCP and Certified eIDAS Policy Advisor.

Ksenia Belova

Customer Success Manager

Service-oriented professional with extensive experience in the service and global software industry. Ksenia ensures our customers smile.

Dan Kragt

Industry insider with board level experience within the Trust and Corporate Services sector

Michiel van Cranenburgh

International Wealth Management and Family Office executive with senior and board-level leadership experience in banking and professional services.

Goran Sazdov

Technology development expert with 20+ years experience delivering telecom, financial and regulatory technology resources to fortune 500 companies through his outsourced development team at Pons Pontis.

Aleksandar Lokvenec

25+ years experience in product, project and people management in the financial industry. As founder of Pons Pontis, delivering the horse power behind some of the world's biggest companies.


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