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Digital verification for corporations across borders

One of our customers used our digital identity verification solutions to drastically speed up onboarding of corporate clients in traditionally challenging regions such as South America


Don't take our word for it

NPS Score of 80

Industry average for Software-as-a-Service is 34
Mesh ID scores an 80!

Jill Moretti

Fund Administrator
Great service, very friendly staff, pleasant to deal with efficient and ready to hear your feedback to make changes.

Adam Leclerq

Trust Provider
Mesh ID is a very convenient service, which allows us to verify clients very fast and [is] extremely easy to use.

Nicole Page

(Private) Wealth Manager
Even more useful when combined with automated and regulator recognised address verification

Aaliyah Charlton

Fund Administrator
Great service to reduce costs and effort for the client

*for privacy reasons, personal information has been anonymised, however quotes are accurate as given.

Wichert Reinders

Trust Provider
This system is easy and user friendly for both "sides" (for the user and the client). It is accepted by banks and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce which was highly important to us.

Henny Maas

Fund Administrator
Wildly enthusiastic!

Sylvester Goudriaan

Wealth Manager
ID verification tool [is] very useful and future-orientated; easy [to] use; very good and quick support if problems/questions arise.

Edward Bailey

Fund Administrator
We are very happy with this products as are our clients.

Lewis Pritchard

Fund Administrator
Mesh ID has a hands-on mentality and is really approachable for whatever reason you have (errors, suggestions) and cooperates/thinks along with the client.


Frequently asked questions

We leverage best-in-class in cloud server and storage technology (Amazon Web Services), ensuring all data remains within the European Union (Dublin, Ireland). All data is stored and transferred in a fully end-to-end encrypted state. Check out our security and privacy factsheet for more information

Absolutely not. We ensure all data is encrypted for, and only visible to, specific audiences that are defined by you. You control who you allow to view your clients information.

Yes. Mesh ID is a company registered in The Netherlands, and therefore are bound by all European data privacy and security regulations (including GDPR). We provide all the tools you need to remain GDPR-compliant towards your clients. Mesh ID views itself as a (sub-)processor of personal information, and requires you to have the proper data processing agreements in place with your clients. We have been reviewed and deemed GDPR compliant by a top-tier law firm. Click here to download a copy of this report

Yes. We support all different forms of identity in 200+ countries across the globe, including China. Click here if you would like to see a complete list of countries and ID types.

We offer the entire verification experience for your clients fully branded with your logo an colors. Your clients will experience Mesh ID as your service.

Mesh ID uses the same verification and fraud detection technology as large institutional banks use for their corporate clients. The liveness detection (checking if the person was physically present for the transaction) is rated at iBeta Level II (your iPhone face detection is rated at iBeta Level 0). Not even ‘mission impossible’-style rubber masks can fool it. Reach out to us to do a test verification at no cost.

We respect our clients’ need for privacy and do not disclose the names publicly, however have added logos on our website of organisations who use the same underlying verification technology available through Mesh ID.

Yes. We are able to offer connectivity to your internal systems using APIs. We offer Mesh ID as a software-as-a-service, meaning an integration is not required to benefit from the power of remote verification and sharing features.

We can get your staff remotely verifying your client’s identities within 24 hours of signing. We offer a fast-track service at no extra cost, ensuring all your staff members are set up and trained within a matter of hours. If you are in urgent need to remotely verify identities of a new client due to COVID, please reach out to us and we will give you immediate access.

Mesh ID uses the same data security methods and practices as large institutional banks. Founded by a group of professionals from the global Corporate and Fund Services industry, we know better than anyone how important data security and privacy is for our industry. We have more detailed information about how we secure your data available for download here

Our service runs on best-in-class server infrastructure with guaranteed 99.999% availability and global coverage.

Absolutely. Mesh ID is built upon the latest in blockchain technology, including the ability to have full auditability of all transactions that occurred, ensuring full data integrity. We do not store any personal information on the blockchain database but instead hold metadata about the transactions.

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