Added endpoints to the API to join and leave projects
Project contributor invitation and leave process is greatly improved!
Issue with some date of birth fields
Downloading of some identity documents not possible
Performance improvements
Notification emails (a selection thereof) look and feel have been improved
Added a 'custom data' field to profiles, so information can be passed through integrations into the smart forms
Smart form data is now saved, even if the form is partially filled in
Clients can request help in filling in smart forms
Clients can now countersign contracts!
Webhooks are available to integrations now!
Performance improvements on the client side onboarding process
Performance improvements loading profiles
Mesh ID is now connected to over 1500+ applications natively!
Add metadata to profiles to help with integrations to other systems
New filtering options added to the API /profiles endpoint
Performance improvements for loading related parties
Increased character limit on compliance check comment
API has new endpoints for monitoring and compliance checks
Hits can be marked as not relevant or false positive
You can add comments to individual hits
Ongoing monitoring is made available to all clients!
Look and feel has been improved for the identity verification process
There is a new AI-only 'Instant AI' identity verification available!
Styling changes for the evidence dashboard and digital verification views
Improved the look and feel for clients wanting to re-use their KYC information
You are now able to indicate the risk rating of a profile and schedule an upcoming risk assessment
Increased character limit on document notes
Look and feel of the dashboard has been improved
Better indication of previous contracts signed
Added an internal reference field to profiles and shown in usage reports
You can now switch on and off the different types of related parties you request from your client
Look and feel of the automatic onboarding process has been improved
It is now possible to indicate a name before generating an automatic profile link
You can now show clients a splash screen before the process starts, with instructions
Issues with downloading some PDF reports
Address verification look and feel improved
You can now see a clear tally of evidence across the whole profile and their statuses
Add source of wealth document to standard set
Small glitches when expanding the profile details section
You can now hide all completed profiles from the list
Count of evidence was incorrect in some rare cases
Wrong name shows up in compliance check report in some instances
Faster performance when refreshing the page
Added a new instance of the 'action required' status
Some instances where the name of the profile was temporarily not visible
You can leave a longer comment when accepting a verification
Compliance checks can now be performed at any time
We improved the digital verification process
Clients are no longer forced to complete the onboarding steps in sequence
Fixed an issue which caused orphaned compliance checks from not running
Fixed some issues saving KYC Templates
Fixed minor security vulnerabilities
Improved the way contracts are stored making them faster to load
Customers using our API can redirect their clients to a custom url after completing onboarding
Fixed some minor bugs
Approving incoming documents before they are marked as completed is now possible
Customers using our API can now choose to remove the need for clients to create accounts
KYC Templates can be published and unpublished
Our new KYC Template management area is live!
It is now possible to only verify an identity document without the selfie step
Document notes can be added to KYC Templates
Custom documents can be added to KYC Templates
You can now force clients to provide a newer version of a document
Security vulnerability has been patched
Look and feel for clients has been improved
KYC templates can now be deleted
Automatic profiles can now also be responded to with existing profiles
Mesh ID will help clients automatically respond with existing information
Related parties can now follow their own onboarding process
Clearer step by step approach for clients
Define the maximum age of the document you request
Live search through 100+ global registers for entities
Add comments to decisions you take on address verifications and compliance hits
The client experience is multi-language now! (Dutch available straight away)
Add contributors with one click - no need to generate links and authorise
Generate status reports for records in a project
Improved google address search anywhere within Mesh ID
Some records require a refresh to see latest status
Generating share links fails in some situations
v2022-03 II
Automated onboarding is here!
Create and edit KYC Templates
Get support straight from within Mesh ID by clicking on 'Get support' in the main navigation
Our new support page has gone live!
Client being onboarded can answer questions about the type (legal/natural) person they are
Client being onboarded can add their own related parties
Expanding records is now faster than before
Security architecture has been revised
Updated compatibility with latest browsers
Stay within the meshid.app domain through the whole login experience
Related parties can now fill in their own information
Generating a verification report is now possible when a verification fails the checks
Signed contract copies now sent to email address of signer
Issues opening preview windows in certain situations
Country field in address is now a drop-down
Changes made in preparation of KYC Templates
No longer required to manually create profiles before creating a share link
Added four new document types and two new purposes when requesting information
Adding tooltips to certain fields explaining the purpose and expected content
Accept/reject buttons not displaying in compliance screening preview in rare occassions
Create new project window does not appear until a refresh in some situations
Compliance screening not started automatically if subject closes browser too early
Verify identities and addresses on CDD Sharing
Share links that are claimed will expire
It is possible to run usage reports on a project level
Added many document types and fields to define natural and legal persons
Expanding some records caused other records to temporarily dissapear
Document images don't cycle through automatically anymore
Projects can now be sorted
Creating a new person is easier and simpler
Tags can be added to people for easy filtering
People records have a new look and feel
Issue deleting a related party in some cases
Identity document images can be downloaded in full resolution
Statuses for verifications are more clear
Data processing terms are now clearly visible
Some visuals elements have been given a new look and feel
Fixed small issue with authorizing new project contributor