Deal brings to market the combined technical capabilities of two market innovators, extending both company’s private fund investor solutions across Europe, North America and Asia

Amsterdam, July 12, 2022. Mesh ID and Eleven jointly announced today that they have entered into an agreement to establish a strategic technology partnership. The relationship will expand the world’s first and only platform delivering all onboarding and servicing needs of the private investor industry.

The partnership combines the strengths of each company by seamlessly integrating Mesh ID’s advanced digital KYC/AML processes and shareable investor KYC profiles into Eleven’s full-lifecycle infrastructure that powers and connects fund administrators, fund managers and investors around the world.

“We are thrilled to bring Mesh ID’s capabilities into Eleven’s digital transaction workflows. We believe this will create tremendous value for Mesh ID’s current customers transacting in private investments and for fund administrators and fund managers looking for a fully integrated system to service clients and investors with enhanced and streamlined regulatory and compliance processes,” said Eric Slaim, CEO of Eleven.

“Having robust KYC and AML workflows is essential, but seamlessly incorporating verified investor KYC profiles into the complete investor journey takes things to another level for customers and investors,” said George Pedra, CEO of Mesh ID. “Mesh ID is proud to partner with Eleven, an industry innovator, to bring its scalable and superior digital KYC solutions to the private funds space.”

About Mesh ID
Mesh ID is a software company with a focus on solutions for the global trust, corporate services, fund administration and fund management ecosystem. Mesh ID’s innovative investor and client onboarding platform provides global financial services players with the ability to onboard clients much faster and more reliably than traditional methods, cutting down onboarding times from months to minutes, and making the job of fighting money laundering a collaborative endeavour. The international company has its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, while its clients and users span the globe. To learn more, visit

About Eleven
Eleven is a disruptive technology company powering the global alternative investments industry. It enables participants throughout the private investment ecosystem to create highly engaged client communities, automate workflows, create new revenue streams and scale growth. Fund managers have a single system to service their investors throughout their entire relationship–from fundraising to electronic transactions to investor servicing. Fund administrators have a single system to service clients, drive efficiency and grow their top line. Investors have a single system to access their private investments. We know achieving all-in-one is a huge task, but we do it to create extreme value for our clients, our users and our industry. Come turn your efforts up to eleven at

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