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Be Warned of Potential Integrity Risk

The Finos Integrity Check solution enables the secure sharing of information related to integrity risk with other trusted financial service providers, to prevent bad actors from entering the financial system.


How does the

product work?

Flag a Legal Entity

Let other organizations know of a potential integrity risk by anonymously and securely flagging the legal entities in question.

Search for Flags

Get up-to-date and trusted information about the potential integrity risk associated with a legal entity by searching for flags.

Get Notified

Don’t be left in the dark, and get notified if someone flags a legal entity you previously searched for in the past. Go from reactive to proactive.


Share Sensitive Information Anonymously and Securely

Built from the ground up with security and privacy in mind. Get trusted information without revealing your corporate identity.

Contextual information is key to understanding the relevance of the hit
Get the latest on the nature of the integrity risk by anonymously exchanging information with the previous service provider
Get live entity information through the direct connection to the Dutch chamber of commerce (KvK).

Accurate and relevant information

Get a clear 360-view of the integrity risk to understand how best to prepare your compliance decision

Get insights into the reason behind a possible integrity risk by requesting information from the previous service provider. Exchange text-based information in a secure manner, with full anonymity from both sides. Trusted information, straight from the source.

Provide additional information about the integrity risk once. Any party searching for flags will also see information which was already provided in a previous exchange. No more fielding multiple calls from other service providers.

Get the help you need to remain compliant. An immutable record of all actions you take is stored for easy retrieval during internal or external audits. Even search actions which did not produce a result are captured, helping you prove you performed the necessary controls.


How big is the problem?

Protecting the financial system in our interconnected world is a huge challenge and key focus area for regulators globally.

1724 billion

Illicit funds in 2018

2510 million

Fines imposed in 2018

4971 entities

Incorporated globally per hour

25588 providers

of financial services

Frequently asked questions

Are flagged entities visible by the public?

Absolutely not. The Integrity Check solution is a closed and secure network of financial services providers, who exchange information with each other to safeguard the integrity of the financial system. Membership into the integrity check network is agreed upon by participants of the network.

Does the other service provider know who I am?

No. Information is exchanged fully anonymously, meaning you don’t have to disclose your identity to anyone on the network.

Can I trust the information I see?

Yes, absolutely. The benefit of exchanging information on the Finos Integrity Check network, is that there is a guarantee that the information came from a trusted party, and has not been altered along the way. The use of blockchain technology ensures there is an immutable (unchangeable) record of flags and search events, giving you confidence that the information you are seeing can be trusted.

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