Adding and managing multiple profiles on Onboard

This guide covers adding and managing multiple profiles on Onboard. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to streamline profile creation, status updates, and deletion within Mesh ID.

Go to

1. Click “New profile

In order to add a profile, all you have to do is click “New profile” on top of your screen.

Click 'New profile

2. Create manually or automatically

Now you are asked to choose whether you would like to create a profile manually or automatically. The difference between these two types of requests is covered in a separate tutorial “Adding and managing profiles: automatic versus manual information requests”. It also covers the detailed steps and answers to the most common questions of profile creation.

Create manually or automatically

3. Hide completed profiles

Once you have a number of profiles in your project, we recommend you start using the filtering and sorting functionality. In order to hide completed profiles, you can use “Hide completed profiles” option.

Hide completed profiles

4. Utilize filters

Apart from hiding completed profiles, you can also filer by status. For example, click on “Completed”, and you will be presented with only completed profiles.

Utilize filters

5. Filter on automatic requests, legal on natural persons

You can also filter by choosing to see only automatic requests, legal on natural persons.

 Filter on automatic requests, legal on natural persons

6. Deleting profiles

In case you need to delete a profile, go to the corresponding profile. Click on “Actions” button and choose “Delete profile” from the list of options.

Deleting profiles

7. Confirm

Confirm the deletion of the profile.


8. Deleting related parties

In case you only need to delete a related parties, you can do it from the “Actions” of the corresponding related party.

Deleting related parties

9. Deleting projects

In case you need to delete the whole project, you can do it by clicking on “Delete project”. Please keep in mind that you may only delete projects that do not contain any profiles. Please delete any existing profiles before deleting the project.

Deleting projects

This guide covered the process of creating, filtering and deleting profiles and projects in Onboard. We hope you find this guide useful, please check our other guides. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.