Assigning a risk rating, scheduling next review

Enhance your risk assessment and review process with Mesh ID by efficiently assigning risk ratings and scheduling future reviews. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to streamline these tasks within Mesh ID.

Go to

1. Navigate to the “Actions” button

Identify the profile you would like to assign a risk rating to and go to the “Actions” button.

Navigate to the 'Actions' button

2. Choose “Assign a risk rating”

Choose “Assign a risk rating” from the options.

Choose 'Assign a risk rating'

3. Assign a risk rating

Enter the risk rating you would like to assign to the corresponding profile. Alternatively, select one of the suggestions.

Assign a risk rating

4. Choose the colour

Choose the colour you would like to match to your rating.

Choose the colour

5. Next review

Select the day for the next review. You will see the next review date appear on the profile.

Next review

6. Confirm

Click “Assign” to confirm and save your changes. You can also edit your risk rating settings later on from the “Actions” button of the corresponding profile.


7. Filter by the next review

Once you add your first risk rating, you will see you can also filter by the next review date.

Filter by the next review

8. Filer by the risk rating

You can also filter by the risk rating itself.

Filer by the risk rating

This guide has covered the process of assigning risk ratings, scheduling next reviews and filtering by risk ratings in Mesh ID, optimizing your risk management procedures. We hope you find this guide useful, please check our other guides. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.