Client experience: Address Verification

In this guide, we provide an example of the address verification process, highlighting every step your client takes upon receiving a request to verify their address.

1. Consent message

Whether they have received an email straight from Mesh ID or an email from you with the link, after they click the link, they will be shown a consent message, which they need to press ‘acknowledge’ to.

Consent message

2. List of steps

The first screen they see is a list of steps they need to perform. Depending on how you configured the address verification, the client experience may look slightly different.

List of steps

3. Address to be verified

During the first step, your clients might be requested to enter their address or it may be pre-filled by you.

Address to be verified

4. Share location

During the second step, your clients are asked to allow us to detect their location.

Share location

5. Confirm the location

Then they need to confirm it was detected correctly. If they are not at the address intended to be verified, they can close the window and re-open the link later on. There is no time limit to complete the address verification.

Confirm the location

6. Upload a document

If you requested a document from your client, they will be asked to provide it during the third step. They will be asked to add some details such as company name and issue date, in case of a utility bill for example.

Upload a document

7. Confirmation screen

Once all steps complete, they will be presented with a confirmation screen.

Confirmation screen

This guide has covered the client experience of address verification in Mesh ID. We hope you find this guide useful, please check our other guides. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.