Client experience: Identity Verification

In this guide, we provide an example of the identity verification process, highlighting every step your client takes upon receiving a request to verify their identity.

1. Consent message

Whether they have received an email straight from Mesh ID or an email from you with the link, after they click the link, they will be shown a consent message, which they need to press ‘acknowledge’ to.

Consent message

2. List of steps

The first screen they see is a list of steps they need to perform. Depending on how you configured the identity verification, the client experience may look slightly different.

List of steps

3. Start

As you may recall from our training, identity verification should be completed within a 15-minute time window once initiated. This is a vital security precaution. Your clients are warned about this as per the screen you see now. If they are not ready to complete the process within 15 minutes (for example, because they do not have their document at hand), they can close the window and reopen it later on.


4. Choose document

During the first step of our identity verification, your clients are requested to choose the document they would like to use. The allowed types of documents will vary depending on the issuing country.

Choose document

5. Upload a document

During the second step of the process, they will need to provide a capture of their document (either by taking an image of the document, or uploading a document they have on their device).

Upload a document

6. Upload a document

It is also important they ensure the image quality is sufficient for Mesh ID to run all the checks (there are guiding questions to help ensure this). If the image is of bad quality, or some details are covered, they will be asked to resubmit the images straight away.

Upload a document

7. Face verification

During the third step, they are asked to capture a biometric 3D-selfie, which will be used to detect liveness to ensure that they were there, physically present during the transaction. They have simple instructions they need to follow on the screen.

Face verification

8. Confirmation screen

Once all the steps are completed, they will see a confirmation screen.

Confirmation screen

This guide has covered the client experience of identity verification. We hope you find this guide useful, please check our other guides. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.