Logging in for the first time

This guide will show you how to log into Mesh ID for the first time. Please note that in case your organisation opted for the SSO connection to be enabled, the steps will differ and you will be provided with separate instructions.

Go to login.meshid.app

1. Enter your email address

Go to Mesh ID and type in or paste your email address into the email address field. Then click “Continue”.

Enter your email address

2. Click “Forgot password?”

Select the “Forgot password?” option that will appear on the next screen.

Click 'Forgot password?'

3. Click “Continue”

Click “Continue”.

Click 'Continue'

4. Password reset email

You will receive a password reset email from Mesh ID.

Password reset email

5. Password reset link

Click the password reset link once you receive the email.

Password reset link

6. New password

Type in or paste your new password and click “Reset password”.

New password

7. Back to login screen

You will see a confirmation screen. Click “Back to Mesh ID”. Log into Mesh ID with your email address and the new password you set up just now.

Back to login screen

8. 2-factor authentication set-up

Now it is time to set up the 2-factor authentication to make your account extra secure. Open the authenticator app of your preference and add Mesh ID by scanning the QR-code you see on your screen from within the authenticator app of your choice.

2-factor authentication set-up

9. One-time code

Once you connect Mesh ID to your authenticator app, you will see a one-time code. Type it into the code field you see on your screen. Then press “Continue”.

One-time code

10. Project dashboard screen

You are now logged in and can start using Mesh ID!

Project dashboard screen

This guide covered how you log into Mesh ID for the first time. We hope you find this guide useful, please check our other guides. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.