Ongoing monitoring

This guide will walk you through the functionality of ongoing monitoring in Mesh ID. You will learn how to access the monitoring and take necessary actions to manage monitoring efficiently.

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1. Request ongoing monitoring

In case you would like to use ongoing monitoring, Mesh ID needs to enable this functionality for your first. Please contact support indicating you would like to use ongoing monitoring. Once we enable it for you, all new profiles you create will be monitored automatically.

Request ongoing monitoring

2. Enable ongoing monitoring for existing profiles

In order to turn on the monitoring for your existing profiles, you will need to do it on a profile-by-profile basis. Please navigate to “Actions” of the corresponding profile and click “Request screening”. You need to do it from the “Request screening” section as you can only monitor what you screened at least once.

Enable ongoing monitoring for existing profiles

3. Click “Request screening”

Set up the screening request in line with your needs, enable ongoing monitoring and initiate your screening request by clicking “Request screening”.

Click 'Request screening'

4. Turn off monitoring

If you would like to turn off monitoring, you can do it from the Screening section of the corresponding profile by clicking on the “Turn off monitoring”.

Turn off monitoring

5. Confirm

Please note that if you turn off the monitoring, and decide to turn it back on later, you will need to request a new screening before you can turn it on as once again you can only monitor what you screened.


The guide covered ongoing monitoring functionality in Mesh ID. We hope you find this guide useful, please check our other guides. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.