Processing the result of an address verification

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to access and review the details of address verification. By opening the record and exploring its contents, you’ll gain valuable insights into the verification process and ensure accuracy and compliance in your records.

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1. Processing the result of the verification: Address verification

Once the address verification is completed by your client, you will see the status updated to “Action required”.

Processing the result of the verification: Address verification

2. Navigate to the “See Details”

Navigate to the “See Details” section to review the results.

Navigate to the 'See Details'

3. Address Verification Insights

For address verification, you are able to see the document that was captured should you have requested it and the information that was extracted through GPS.

Address Verification Insights

4. Address Verification Report

You are also able to download a report, which summarizes all the information around the address.

Address Verification Report

5. Address Verification Report Summary

This includes, for example, the address that was being verified, the GPS detected address, information about the security of the connection that the client used, and any documents that were captured during the document capture step.

Address Verification Report Summary

6. Address verification: Enhanced Check

You can also request an enhanced check on top of the standard verification as an additional data point to rely on. If you request enhanced address verification, you are asking Mesh ID to send your client a physical letter on your behalf. The letter contains a unique code that your client needs to enter into the system once they receive the letter. Please note that it take around 5 business days for the letter to arrive.

Address verification: Enhanced Check

7. Acceptance or Rejection Decision

Based on all this information, you are able to then accept or reject the address verification.

Acceptance or Rejection Decision

8. Status Update

Once you accept or reject the verification results, you will see a status change.

Status Update

In this guide you have learned how to process the result of address verification. We hope you find this guide useful, please check our other guides. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.