Processing the result of an identity verification

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to access and review the details of identity verification. By opening the record and exploring its contents, you’ll gain valuable insights into the verification process and ensure accuracy and compliance in your records.

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1. Open the record

Once the client completes the identity verification, you will see it reflected in the status of the record. You will also receive a notification email with the link that takes you directly to the record updated.

Open the record

2. Click ‘See details’

View the comprehensive details of the identity verification by selecting the “See details” option.

Click 'See details'

3. See details

When opening the details of the identity verification, you will see a high resolution image of the documents that were captured. If there were two images, you are able to cycle through them using the arrows on the side of the image and zoom in and out of the images by clicking on them.

See details

4. PDF report

You are also able to download a PDF report which summarizes the information about the verification.

PDF report

5. PDF report content

This includes information about the person, the document and the security checks that were performed.

PDF report content

6. Checking validity

The proof of verification PDF includes the option for an external or internal party to check the validity of the verification. This can be useful when performing an internal audit, to check if the information in your internal records is valid. Additionally, it is possible for external parties to check that the verification indeed took place on a particular date.

Checking validity

7. Checking validity: two methods

The first and easiest option is to scan the QR code provided in the proof of verification. The second option is to perform the check manually. To do it manually you will need to open a browser on your laptop or phone and navigating to

Checking validity: two methods

8. Checking validity: two methods

Once on the page, you can type the code given in the PDF in the provided fields. Either method you choose to do the validity check on the verification, will produce a result informing you (or any party) of the validity of the verification.

Checking validity: two methods

Now you can effortlessly access and review the details of each identity verification. We hope you find this guide useful, please check our other guides. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.