Processing the result of the verification: Screening / Compliance check

Reviewing the results of a compliance check is a crucial step to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. Whether the compliance check is conducted simultaneously with identity verification or as a separate request, accessing and assessing the outcomes is quick and straightforward.

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1. Review results

When you’ve requested a compliance check along with the identity verification, the compliance check will automatically resolve once the client completes the identity verification process.

Review results

2. Review results

If you opted for a separate request for compliance check, you will see the results immediately.

Review results

3. Navigate to “See details”

To view the results, navigate to “See details” under Sanctions, PEP, or Adverse Media.

Navigate to 'See details'

4. Review information

If a hit is detected, carefully review the information and decide whether to accept or reject the results of the hit. You can see all the information found for each hit in the Key data, Adverse Media and PEP sections.

Review information

5. Add comments and mark hits not relevant

You have the option to add comments and mark hits as not relevant. Later on, you can display hits that you marked as not relevant.

Add comments and mark hits not relevant

6. Accept or reject

Once ready, simply choose “Pass” or “Fail” to complete the review.

Accept or reject

7. Download report

Reports for both ‘hits’ and ‘no hits’ can be conveniently downloaded in the form of a pdf-document.

Download report

8. Re-screen if necessary

Feel free to rescreen as many times as needed by adjusting the screening settings. Simply go to ‘Actions’ and click ‘Request Screening’.

Re-screen if necessary

9. Enable ongoing monitoring

If you are interested in ongoing monitoring, we have these capabilities in Onboard. Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more.

Enable ongoing monitoring

In this guide we covered the processing of the screening results. We hope you find this guide useful, please check our other guides. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.