Requesting a verification: Screening / Compliance check

In this guide, you will learn how to perform a Screening / Compliance check through Mesh ID.

Go to

1. Click “Create a new person”

Log into Mesh ID, and open one of your projects (or create a new one if necessary). Click on the “Create a new person” button at the top of your screen.

Click 'Create a new person'

2. Fill in “First name” and “Last name”

Enter the first and the last names of the person you would like to verify in the specified fields and press “Save”.

Fill in 'First name'' and 'Last name'

3. Click “Start” or “Close”

On the next screen you can click on the “Start” button if you would like to proceed, or on the “Close” button if you prefer to finish the process later.

Click 'Start' or 'Close'

4. Request screening

To initiate a Screening / Compliance check, choose “Compliance check” on your screen. Screening is activated after a successful identity or contract verification, as it relies on the information from these checks.

Request screening

5. Request screening

If you unselect these options, the screening feature will disappear from your screen. In the second part of this tutorial, we will cover how to request screening without initiating identity or contract verification.

Request screening

6. Screening scope

Adjust the screening settings to meet your specific needs. Initially, define the “screening scope” or fuzziness level to manage how closely the results should match the target name. The screening scope is designed to capture slight variations, such as minor spelling errors, additional initials, or common misspellings in names often found in web articles. It is not intended for identifying distinctly different names but rather for recognizing various spellings or extensions of the same name.

Screening scope

7. Screening scope

For example, a broad screening scope when searching for “Peter Smith” might include variations like “Peter Gary Smith,” while a narrower scope would focus on more direct matches such as “Pete Smith.” Adjust the screening scope to limit deviations from the specified name. A standard setting of 30% is typically recommended. However, for shorter names like ‘Len,’ choosing a broader scope will include similar short names such as ‘Lex,’ ‘Lev,’ or ‘Lee.’ Changing a single letter in a short name can significantly alter its identity, effectively turning it into a different name.

Screening scope

8. Screening scope

It’s important to remember that the screening scope is not designed to search for multiple different names simultaneously. To search for an entirely different name, initiate a separate compliance check with a new search term.

Screening scope

9. Exact match

To further refine the scope to produce more targeted results, we offer the Exact match option (a scope of 0%, meaning no deviation from the name). However, similar to Google searches, you rely on the articles including the exact terms. This would be a good way to search for a John Smith, since even using a narrow scope of 30% will produce many false positives.

Exact match

10. Verification link

Once you checked your preferred configuration, click “Save”. You will be redirected to the last step of the process, which is sharing the verification link you just generated. There are two ways how you can do this.

Verification link

11. Verification link

You can copy the link and send it to your client directly via your preferred communication method. Alternatively, you can type in the email address of your client and click “Send”. Mesh ID will then send an email with the verification link to your client on your behalf.

Verification link

12. Requesting screening without having to request identity or contract verification. Click on “Actions”

In case you do not want to request identity or contract verification, close the configuration window and go to the “Actions” option in the top right corner of the relevant person.

Requesting screening without having to request identity or contract verification. Click on 'Actions'

13. Click on “Request screening”

Click on “Request screening” from here. Please be aware that this option won’t be accessible if any verifications are “in progress.” To enable it again, cancel ongoing verifications by clicking “Cancel all verifications.” Exercise caution and only cancel if you are certain no verification requests were sent to the individual. Cancelling verifications renders the generated links expired, preventing the individual from completing the process.

Click on 'Request screening'

14. Configure and click on “Request screening”

From here you can add the first and last names of the individual you would like to screen. You can also adjust the screening scope or select the exact match option similarly to how we have done it previously in this video. You can also add a date of birth to further narrow down your search. Once ready, click on “Request screening”.

Configure and click on 'Request screening'

This guide covered two ways of requesting a Screening / Compliance check in Mesh ID. We hope you find this guide useful, please check our other guides. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.