Reviewing information received

This guide will walk you through the process of reviewing information in Mesh ID. From navigating different sections to taking any necessary actions in regards to the information received.

Go to

1. Navigate to the profile you need to review

Navigate to the profile you need to review. You will see the status of the profile change from “in progress” to “action required” or “completed” or “failed” depending on the situation.

First, you can review the profile details.

Navigate to the profile you need to review

2. Evidence section

If you switch to the “Evidence” section, you will see all the documents your client provided you with.

Evidence section

3. Review documents

Click on one of the documents to see the document and all the details. You can also download the document for your compliance file.

Review documents

4. Review related profiles

Now let’s check our related profile for a natural person in this example.

First, you can review all the personal information submitted by your client.

Review related profiles

5. Evidence section

If you go to the “Evidence” section, you can review any documents and/or verifications submitted by your client.

In our example, there is an address verification that needs to be reviewed. Click on the address verification icon to review the details.

Evidence section

6. Review documents and/or verifications

From here you can access all the address verification details collected by Mesh ID during the check. You can also see the supporting evidence document in case there was one uploaded. Once you review the information, you need to accept or reject the verification results. You can do this by clicking on “Pass” or “Fail”.

If there were any previous checks performed, you can access them from the “Related documents” section.

Review documents and/or verifications

7. The profile is complete

Once you review all the information and take any necessary actions, you will see the status of the profile change to “complete’. In case you need to request any additional documents and/or verifications, you can always do this from the “Actions” button next to the profile name.

The profile is complete

This guide provides an illustrative example of how to efficiently review information within Mesh ID. We hope you find this guide useful, please check our other guides. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.