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Give your fund investors

a fast-track KYC passport

Funds on Mesh ID close 80% faster by fully automating investor onboarding


Investor KYC sharing network

Mesh ID is a secure and private KYC information sharing network with powerful automation tools for digitally verifying information.


A portable identity investors take with them

Investing in a fund just became a whole lot easier for your investors, as they are able to identify themselves to any provider on the network in minutes.


Benefits all parties surrounding a fund investor

Deliver a better investor experience while reducing cost and improving your ability to remain compliant

Launch funds 80% faster

Don’t let due diligence delay fund launches by giving your fund’s outsourcing partners access to the investor information they need, when they need it most.

Controlled access to investor KYC

Gain visibility into the investor information being collected and verified by the providers servicing the fund.

A better investor experience

Offer your fund investors a painless onboarding experience while ensuring their data remains private, secure and within their control.

Get the most up-to-date information

Reduce your exposure to regulatory risk and ensure your compliance team work with the latest information about a fund investor by getting proactive information updates.

Spend less time collecting information

Start onboarding or reviewing with the full set of up-to-date information on a fund investor. Stop wasting valuable time with menial collection and verification

Automate with digital verifications

Use Mesh ID's digital verification tools to automate the verifying of identities, addresses and performing automated adverse media, PEP, sanctions and other compliance checks.

Provide your information only once

Investing in multiple funds often means repeatedly providing the same information to your service providers. Mesh ID makes sharing new and existing information with service providers as easy as one click.

Own your sensitive information

Hold the key and decide which provider has access to your information and for what purpose. Stay in control and in the know when it comes to your most valuable asset.

Get approved faster

Your service providers will complete their due diligence much faster with better information, meaning faster fund launches and painless information reviews.


How does

Mesh ID work?

Create a request

A service provider requests the KYC information they need from the fund investor, filling in the parts that are known to them.

Share with one click

The fund investor completes the request by granting access with one click to existing information contained within their dashboard.

Digitally verify

Request a digital verification of the investor’s identity or address and perform automated adverse media, PEP, sanctions and other compliance screenings.


Privacy and security without compromises

Sending sensitive information by e-mail is prone to attacks by intercepting parties. Mesh ID uses the latest technologies and bank-grade encryption to ensure information remains secure and private.

  • Built on security and privacy by design principles
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Auditable and immutable log of events
  • Bank-grade data encryption
  • Powered by blockchain technology


Created by a group of industry leaders

Mesh ID was designed by a group of leading global fund managers, administrators, banks and law firms. Our innovation initiative was facilitated and supported by industry groups and regulators in leading financial services jurisdictions.

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