Trustmoore Reimagines Private Fund Investor Onboarding

Amsterdam, March 30, 2022 – Mesh ID, a global KYC software innovator transforming the private fund investor onboarding journey, today announced that Trustmoore, a boutique fund and corporate administrator with over 200 professionals worldwide has selected Mesh ID’s innovative fund investor KYC onboarding suite. Trustmoore is known for being early adopters of modern technological solutions within its portfolio of structured finance and capital markets, corporate expansion, multi-family office, and fund services. Their forward-thinking approach reinforces their position as a boutique provider of administrative and legal services for the corporate, funds and private wealth industry.

“We are excited to partner with forward-thinking fund administrators like Trustmoore to reimagine how technology can serve fund managers and their investors,” says George Pedra, the CEO of Mesh ID. “LPs enjoy a fundamentally improved experience, and managers will benefit from significantly better investor onboarding and ultimately quicker fund closings.”

By streamlining their investor onboarding, Mesh ID empowers Trustmoore to provide private fund investors with better services and an exceptional experience. The investor’s onboarding process is digitized on the Mesh ID platform which adds collaboration features, real-time KYC tracking, and in-depth compliance reporting. Limited partners are guided through the entire KYC and onboarding process via a user-friendly experience which employs conditional logic to simplify the investor’s onboarding experience. The efficiency of this process reduces the total time it takes to onboard investors while speeding up the time it takes for a new fund to close and ultimately providing an outstanding experience to investors.

“We believe that Mesh ID’s solution is a great solution for streamlining workflows and creating a seamless investor onboarding experience. Mesh ID has developed a very intuitive solution for both us as well as the fund investors. It provides us and fund managers greater transparency into the investors’ onboarding journey. For investors, Mesh ID has simplified the KYC onboarding process by intuitively guiding them through their onboarding, which ultimately saves time, eliminates frustration and reduces the risk of errors. We are excited to offer this solution to our new and existing fund clients and support them in their fundraising and investor relations initiatives.” – John Verhooren, Global Head of Fund Services.

Already the preferred choice of some of the world’s largest private equity funds and fund administrators, Mesh ID helps regulated organisations manage their risk obligations and prevent financial crime.

About Mesh ID

Mesh ID is a software company with a focus on solutions for the global trust, corporate services, fund administration, and fund management ecosystem. Mesh ID’s innovative investor and client onboarding platform provides global financial services players the ability to onboard clients much faster and more reliably than traditional methods, cutting down onboarding times from months to minutes, and making the job of fighting money laundering a collaborative endeavour. The international company has its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, while its clients and users span the globe. To learn more, visit

About Trustmoore

Trustmoore is a corporate service provider with offices in the world’s leading financial centres. With their range of custom legal and financial administrative solutions they deliver corporate services in a non-corporate way, taking care of the day-to-day details so clients can focus on creating their own success. Trustmoore’s boutique approach creates tailored structured finance & capital markets, corporate expansion, multi-family office, and fund services to meet their client’s specific needs, give them peace of mind and help make their success possible. To learn more, visit


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